Student Debt Chart

Mr. DebtAnatomy’s Medical School Debt – Last Updated Feb. 2017

Mr. DA’s Medical School Debt as of Feb 2017


I am currently approaching graduation.  The total amount of loans I took for school was $227,157.  The total amount of accrued interest thus far is $23,373.  This leads to a grand total debt load of $250,530.

The highest interest on my loans is 7.21%.

The lowest interest on my loans is 5.31%.

While this is complete insanity, I recognize that it could be much worse.  We only had to borrow money for living expenses during one year.  The other 3 years we paid for living expenses through Mrs. DA’s job as well as savings.  If this hadn’t been the case, my debt would be well into the $300,000’s.

Mrs. DebtAnatomy’s Nursing School Debt

Mrs. DA’s nursing school debt.

Mrs. DebtAnatomy has been working as a nurse for a year and a half.  Minimum payment is $215.75/month.  Thus far we have only paid the minimum payment, because we were using the excess money to save for residency application and interviews.  Now we are saving money for moving expenses as well as a security fund.

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  3. Really Not My Name Reply

    Shouldn’t these graphs look more like stairs? I assume you are getting your loans disbursed in one lump sum at the beginning of each semester/year, and then interest would accrue over the course of that semester/year.

    • Mr. DebtAnatomy Reply

      You are absolutely right! Thanks for catching that. I’ll fix it when I need a break from board study.

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