Recap of Past Year

I’m back!

It has been WAY too long since I sat down to type stuff into my computer.  A lot has happened since the last time I wrote a post, and I have a bajillion topics bouncing around in my brain that I want to tackle.  But first, here’s a quick summary of what has happened since I last surfaced:

  1. I completed 3rd year!  WOOHOO!  Arguably the hardest year of medical school, it feels great to have it behind me.  I will be working on a thorough post about third year tips and tricks in the coming days, so keep your eye on your inbox.
  2. After much shadowing, research, googling, and soul searching during these last 3 years, I finally decided to apply to Ophthalmology!  It was so exciting to find a field that I love and I can’t wait to learn intra-ocular surgery.  I submitted my application in July, which leads me to my next point…
  3. I have been gone from home a TON this fall.  First it was because I was doing an away rotation in Ophthalmology in a different state.  Being away from Mrs. DA stunk, but I was lucky enough to be able to live with some awesome friends.  After my away rotation I was really excited to hang out with my wife again and enjoy the paradise of 4th year… but WAIT!  Little did I realize the work was just beginning.  Interview season hit me full steam in October and didn’t let up until last week.  All told, I spent 27 days away from home on the interview trail, and I still have to do intern year interviews in January.  All of the money I spent on traveling made me consider changing my name from Mr. DebtAnatomy to Mr. SpendAnatomy (cringe!).  Luckily we had anticipated the costs and had saved some money from Mrs. DA’s full time nursing job.  But it was still painful to watch those benjamins flee our bank account.  Now that the dollar hemorrhaging is over we are going to formulate a financial plan to tackle Mrs. DA’s student debt and prepare for possible moving expenses come intern year.
  4. Between my away rotations and interviews I studied for and passed Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS.  While these tests were nowhere near as stressful as Step 1, they still required some work (and lots and lots of money) and were a relief to get out of the way!
  5. Mrs. DA has continued her work as the best nurse that ever existed, and she continues to bring home the bacon.  Maybe one day her deadbeat husband will bring home a paycheck 😉

Now that we are all caught up I will start working on more detailed posts!  Thanks for reading!

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