Making the Plunge


My scalpel hovered over the unblemished skin of my cadaver.  The instructions were clear: make a cut from the base of the neck, down the midline of the chest and abdomen, and end at the pubic symphysis.  My gloved fingertips gripped my scalpel tightly.  I had never cut a cadaver before.  Heck, before this moment I had never seen a cadaver.  And now I was going to become intimately acquainted with this body.

Now rewind two months.

My finger hovered over the touchpad of my laptop.  The instructions were clear: click accept to take out $54,000 in student loans.  I couldn’t take my eyes off all those zeroes.  I had never gone in debt before.  Heck, before this moment debt had always been a four-letter word.  And now I was planning on financing four years of medical school and living expenses by borrowing a boat load of money.

The scalpel pierced the skin.  The finger clicked ‘accept’.  I made the plunge.

It felt like jumping off a cliff.

4 comments on “Making the Plunge”

  1. TheDude Reply

    Dang, this perfectly describes my own sentiments. I felt like I was signing my life away. Nailed it!

  2. Suzette Reply

    Incredibly well-written! After working like a dog to get my undergraduate degree debt-free, a masters degree and beyond looks like a joke on my financial sensibilities. I look forward to reading this blog! Good job, my friend.

    • Mr. DebtAnatomy Reply

      Thanks Suzette! That’s awesome you were able to keep the debt load to zero! What masters degree are you considering?

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