My main goal here at DebtAnatomy is to share what I learn about finances and loan repayment as I go through medical school and residency.  My hope is that this site is a useful resource to all my readers who are going through a similar journey.

Another goal with this site is to see if I can make money in the process.  In true DebtAnatomy fashion I am trying to minimize my debt load by increasing my disposable income.  I am currently monetizing this site in two ways:

1. Google Adsense – These are the typical banners and side bar ads you will see throughout the site (like the advertising bar at the top of this page).  I have very little control over what these ads display, because they are targeted to the content that you have recently browsed.

2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program – This is something I just recently stumbled upon and I think it has good value.  This program allows me to link specific products from my site to amazon.  If a reader purchases the item then I get a small commission.  My commitment to my readers is that I will only recommend products that I have reviewed and personally approve of.  For example, one of my pages displays an ad for the white coat investor book, like this:

If you would like to view the breakdown of commission for amazon products, you can access it online at the amazon affiliate marketing page.

If I ever make enough money worth reporting then I will publish earning reports to keep my readers updated.


Mr. DebtAnatomy


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