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How Do-It-Yourself Benefits Medical Students

Edit: Please note that I am NOT encouraging people to diagnose and treat their own health problems.  I am NOT a supporter of Do-It-Yourself medical treatment.  If you suspect you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.  I DO encourage people to become knowledgeable in their diseases and to understand their treatments, including diet and

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A Med Student in the US Air Force: The HPSP Scholarship

Several readers have requested a piece on the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), commonly known as the military route.  Instead of boring you with facts that you could simply google, I asked one of my esteemed classmates if she would be willing to share her experience with the HPSP thus far.  She graciously accepted the invitation, and

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Your Student Debt is an Emergency (Part 2)!

(Part 2) All right, so we’ve determined that medical school debt is an emergency.  In essence, we’ve diagnosed the problem.  Now what?  Should we pretend the sick patient is healthy, then hide under the covers, and hope the disease will fix itself?  NO!!  We need to educate ourselves about our finances, instead of ignoring our debt emergency and hoping

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