For many aspiring students, student loans are an unavoidable fact of life. We line up in the financial aid office, sign away our future salaries and firstborn children, are provided a handout on the importance of budgeting, and we’re then released into society, where the discussion of finances is taboo. Any talk of real personal numbers is hush hush, so we flounder in a culture driven be consumerism. Student debt is like Uncle Roy’s hairpiece; we all know it’s there, but heaven forbid we should mention it!

Mr. Debt Anatomy has noticed the silent suffering of students racked with debt, and is determined to break the silence taboo. How much debt do I have? How do I live with it? What do I plan to do with it? How fast can I pay it off? How do I find happiness while submitting to the man every time tuition is due and the financial aid office deadlines are looming? These are all questions I plan on answering. I am starting this blog in my 2nd year of medical school, and my wife’s last year of nursing school. I will track our debt load as we finish school, share how we try to control it, and chronicle the glorious years ahead when we have big boy/girl jobs and can blast this debt into oblivion. My hope is that students with similar journeys ahead of them, and veterans who have liberated themselves from the student debt ball-and-chain, will benefit from this blog through kick-A collaboration.

There are two things I want clear up right away: First, I am grateful for student loans. Some of my friends are ineligible for federal loans, and watching their financial story has made me realize that I am lucky to be able to borrow enough money to pay tuition. And second, my financial openness may make some people uncomfortable. That is the point. Financial prowess is poorly taught. I am not perfect at it, and if you’re reading this you probably aren’t either. But if we can learn to talk about finances, and I mean REALLY talk about it, then maybe we can figure this whole thing out.

Thanks for joining me (Mr. DA) and my wife (Mrs. DA) on the journey.